I started Tech404logs to archive messages for the Tech404 community Slack in July 2015 because of the message limit Slack imposes on free accounts. I took inspiration from IRC communities. On old networks like Freenode and DALnet, there is a long tradition of bots writing log files which are published online for search. I didn't really have a long-term plan, but seven years and ~400k messages later, here we are.

For several years now, I haven't participated in Tech404 itself, and in 2020 I moved away from Atlanta. I kept maintaining this site just for the gratification of having something to work on and seeing that some people occasionally found it useful. During this whole time, I've tried to respect individual consent to be archived:

See something here that you want removed? Open an issue on GitHub or ask me personally @zacstewart.

Until April 2022, no one ever took me up on that offer. Suddenly, a flurry of data removal requests appeared, and many of them were from Tech404's most prolific members. I decided to ask if there was any support to keep site running, or if I should shut it down.

The response was overwhelmingly "shut it down." I'm happy to do so. Seven years is a long time in terms of my personal project history, and my interests have long since moved on from Ruby web development. The project was hosted on Heroku, data stored in Heroku Postgres, and memcached for page caching with a short TTL. I can't make any guarantees that the data hasn't been scraped by other parties, but I will be deleting the database and all backups.

Thank you to everyone who found the site useful and gave me the joy of building something for you.

So long 👋,

P.S. You can keep up with whatever I'm doing in the future on my personal website.

P.S.S. If you'd like to use this software to archive logs on another Slack community, you can find it here.